Yossi Sadot Sogrin

Yossi Sadot Sogrin

PhD student at Prof. Segev Barak's laboratory

Research title
The neural substrates of alcohol memory reconsolidation


  • Zipori, D.#, Sadot-Sogrin, Y.#, Goltseker, K.#, Even-Chen, O., Rahamim, N., Shaham, O., & Barak, S. (in press). Re-exposure to nicotine-associated context from adolescence enhances alcohol intake in adulthood. Scientific Reports.

  • Even-Chen, O., Sadot-Sogrin, Y., Shaham, O., & Barak, S. (submitted). Fibroblast growth factor 2 is a positive regulator of alcohol consumption in the dorsomedial striatum.

  • Sadot-Sogrin, Y., Even-Chen, O., Rahamim, N., & Barak, S. (in preparation). Long-lasting attenuation of operant self-administration of alcohol in a subset of rats in a model of posttraumatic stress disorder.


Research Categories: Behavioral Neuroscience, Brain Disorders, System Neuroscience

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