Yoav Zamir

Yoav Zamir

MSc student at Prof. Talma Hendler's laboratory

Research project

Neurofeedback is a noninvasive treatment that measures the electrical activity of the brain in real-time, in order to teach and train patients to control their brain waves. The field of treating and studying the brain with Neurofeedback is growing fast. In our lab, we have combined the advantages of fMRI (Spatial resolution) and EEG (Temporal resolution, inexpensive) measurements to allow preforming Neurofeedback to a specific brain region. In different studies, we have shown that with neurofeedback to specific regions of the brain, subjects suffering from different mental disorders (e.g. PTSD) display relief in symptoms. There are different ways to present the feedback, such as tactile, auditory or visual. In my research, I am developing a platform of Virtual Reality (VR) to present the feedback. VR technology has yet to be used in location specific neurofeedback.
We will deal with patients that suffer from obsessive – compulsive disorder (OCD). In this case, our ability to control the environment - is at a great advantage. Subjects will “enter” a bathtub inside a bathroom where we can control the level of its dirtiness and train the subjects to modulate certain brain activities with feedback presented in the room. The dirtiness of the room is assumed to trigger symptoms of the disorder and allow us to train patients to preform neuro-modulation under different levels of stress.
My research allows me to get to know different research technologies – such as EEG, fMRI and Virtual Reality along with learning about mental disorders and their different characteristics.


Research Categories: Brain Disorders, Cognitive neuroscience

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