Shiri Simon PhD

Shiri Simon, Ph.D.

Former student at Prof. Roy Mukamel's laboratory

Research title
Action Representation in Human Visuomotor Systems

Research project

My research centers mainly on gaining a better understanding of the information held by the Mirror neuron and Canonical neuron systems in the human brain. These systems are responsible for information transmission from vision to representation of action and provide the substrate for action understanding and planning. I design and conduct studies that deal with various aspects of this system: (1) The dependency between the perception level of other’s actions and the degree of mirror system modulation, (2) The differential sensitivity within the mirror system brain regions to unconsciously perceived actions, (3) The representation within the canonical system of different probable actions (i.e. affordances) during passive viewing on graspable objects.

To that end, I record EEG and fMRI data which provide whole brain coverage and high temporal resolution and analyze these signals modulations under different conditions of action and object perception.

My findings demonstrate that the mirror and canonical regions are modulated and differently by changes in action perception level and by changes in graspable object orientation, respectively. Such findings may elucidate the differential functionality of each node within these systems, and shed light on the interaction between sensation and action.


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