Lior Golgher

Lior Golgher

PhD student at Dr. Pablo Blinder's laboratory

Research title
Hemodynamic Response Function characterisation through rapid volumetric multiphoton imaging of cortical neurovascular dynamics in-vivo

Research project

I harness recent developments in ultra-fast adaptive optics to track the individual activity of thousands of neurons and adjacent capillaries, at a high sampling rate that truly matches the frequency range of neural communication. I plan to directly measure the dynamic effect of layer-specific neural activity patterns over vasodilation across a cortical column, using multi-photon imaging. I will then compute the amount of information that can be extracted from a given hemodynamic response about type-specific neural activity in each cortical layer. I aspire to quantitate the extent of neural interactions mediated by vascular activity, estimating an upper bound on the bandwidth of such non-synaptic coupling.


Research Categories: Computational neuroscience, Optical electrophysiology, System Neuroscience

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