Lewin Zafrit

Zafrit Lewin, M.Sc.

Former student at Dr. Dino Levy's laboratory

Research project

My name is Zafrit, but my friends call me Tzili. I am fascinated by the brain, especially by human and animal cognition and behavior. During my MSc studies at Weizmann Institute of Science, I investigated learning and memory processes in fish, and both spatial and episodic-like memory in bats. My MSc studies at Sagol School focused on decision-making and value perception in adult humans, and nowadays I am dedicated to the research of language acquisition in children. When I'm not doing neuroscience, I am flying small single-engine airplanes as a certified private pilot; I’m a certified animal trainer, practicing and teaching reward-based methods; and always, a mother of two small children, plus one with a tail.