Leemor Zucker

Leemor Zucker, M.Sc.

Former student at Dr. Liad Mudrik's laboratory

Research title
Relational processing of abstractly and associatively related object pairs: an ERP study

Research project

A major challenge in the study of human cognition is understanding the mechanisms of semantic integration (SI). SI denotes the ability to judge semantic relations and form new meanings (e.g., for associative relations, “mirrors tend to co-occur with hairbrushes”). Though much research has been devoted to the way concepts are encoded and organized in the brain, little is known about the way the relations between such concepts are processed, especially when these relations do not rest on associative knowledge (e.g., “mirrors and peacocks both convey the concept of vanity”). My research question is whether such abstract SI rests on the same neural mechanisms as associative SI, by assessing whether these processes differ in a quantitative or a qualitative manner using ERPs.


Research Categories: Semantic integration

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