Hila Parush

Hila Parush, Ph.D.

Former student at Prof. Inna Slutsky's laboratory

Research title
Modulation of hippocampal synaptic circuits by somatosensory deprivation.

Research project

A fundamental feature of neural circuits is the capacity for plasticity in response to experience. Hippocampal synapses maintain substantial capacity to undergo activity-dependent plasticity throughout life. The hippocampus is a brain region known to play an important role in learning and memory processes, and it receives direct information from all over the brain. Most literature up till now has dealt with the effect of modulation of sensory input on the primary sensory cortices that obviously receive the sensory information, and display a period early in life of enhanced plasticity (the so called “critical period”). My project focuses on the effect of sensory modulation in the form of somatosensory deprivation, in the form of removing all the whiskers of the mouse, on the hippocampal synaptic plasticity. I use electrophysiological recordings from acute hippocampal slices of mice that have been somatosensory-deprived and control mice. By analyzing the currents from the cells of the deprived vs. control mice, we are currently suggesting that the deprivation of sensory input delays the maturation of the excitatory hippocampal synapses, much like has been seen in the cortical literature.


  • 2012 – Poster presentation, FENS, Barcelona.

  • 2012 – Oral presentation, ISFN annual meeting.

  • 2014 – Poster presentation, IDPN, Maale Hahamisha

  • 2014 – Poster presentation, LIN-Symposium, Tangermünde, Gemany.

  • 2014 – Poster presentation, ISFN annual meeting.

  • 2015 – Poster presentation and chair, ADNS, Weizmann Institute of Science


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  • Slomowitz E, Styr B, Vertkin I, Milshtein-Parush H, Nelken I, Slutsky M, Slutsky I. Interplay between population firing stability and single neuron dynamics in hippocampal networks. eLife. 2015.

  • Visochek L, Grigoryan G, Kalal A, Milshtein-Parush H, Gazit N, Slutsky I, Yeheskel A, Shainberg A, Castiel A, Seger R, Langelier MF, Dantzer F, Pascal JM, Segal M, Cohen-Armon M. A PARP1-ERK2 synergism is required for the induction of LTP. Sci Rep. 2016.

  • Milshtein-Parush H, Frere S, Lahav C, Benbenishty A, Regev L, Ben-Eliyahu S, Goshen I, Slutsky I. Sensory deprivation triggers synaptic and intrinsic plasticity in the hippocampus. Cereb Cortex. 2017


  • 2012 – Joan and Jaime Constantiner Institute for Molecular Genetics, travel scholarship.


Research Categories: Cellular/molecular neuroscience

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