Hadass Zaidenberg

Hadass Zaidenberg

PhD student at Prof. Naama Friedmann's laboratory

Research title
Prosody perception mechanisms in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and after brain damage

Research project

Prosody is a complex vocal signal that is perceived as 'the melody of speech'. It modifies the function and meaning of various linguistic units and it can directly affect the speed and efficiency of language processing. The goal of my research is to assess the possible contribution of a prosodic deficit to communication difficulties in various populations and to investigate both theoretical and empirical aspects of the 'prosodic mechanism' and its interface with other linguistic and cognitive components.
A more comprehensive analysis of potential prosodic deficits in general, and deficiencies in prosody perception in particular, could be valuable in terms of diagnosis and rehabilitation, and can contribute to the understanding of both brain and language mechanisms.


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