Daniel Reznik

Daniel Reznik, Ph.D.

Former student at Prof. Roy Mukamel's laboratory

Research title
Modulation of sensory perception by voluntary actions.

Research project

Response of a purely sensory system should be modulated, in principle, only by the physical parameters of the sensory stimuli. This classical and conservative view has been challenged in the past few decades by growing body of studies showing differential neural and behavioral response to self-generated and externally-generated identical (by its physical parameters) sensory stimulus. The modulated response to self-generated stimuli is believed to occur due to a corollary discharge (or efference copy) that is sent from the motor cortex to sensory regions prior to voluntary actions. However, the role of efference copy in sensory processing and its additional functions are still poorly understood. The goal of the current proposal is to elucidate efference copy function in sensory processing during perception of self-generated sensory consequences. Here we plan to use whole brain fMRI with MR compatible digital piano keyboard and digital glove, behavioral and computational measures and ECoG data from epileptic patients. Our methods allow full-brain coverage and high temporal resolution, thus allowing us to discover the network of brain regions involved in sensory modulation during voluntary action generation and temporal parameters of such modulation. Examining the functional role of efference copy might help understand the positive symptoms of schizophrenia, contribute to the fields of self-awareness and volition research.


  • Reznik, D., Ossmy, O., Mukamel, R. Enhanced auditory evoked activity to self-generated sounds is mediated by primary and supplementary motor cortices. Journal of Neuroscience, accepted.

  • Reznik, D., Henkin, Y., Schadel, N., Mukamel, R. (2014) Lateralized enhancement of auditory cortex activity and increased sensitivity to self-generated sounds. Nature Communications, 5:4059 doi: 10.1038/ncomms5059

  • Gertner, L., Henik, A., Reznik, D. & Cohen-Kaosh, R. (2012) Implications of Number-Form Synesthesia on the Automaticity of Number Processing. Cortex 49, 1352-1362, doi:10.1016/j.cortex.2012.03.019.


  • Sieratzki Appreciation Prize for Advances in Neuroscience Honorary Award by President of the State of Israel for Excellency and Innovation in Science.


Research Categories: Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive neuroscience, Computational neuroscience

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