Anastasia Shuster

Anastasia Shuster

PhD student at Dr. Dino Levy's laboratory

Research title
Neural representation of value

Research project

I investigate different aspects of value representation in the brain. For example, how the sensory modality in which alternatives are presented affect choice behavior and the neural correlates of decisions. Additionally, I study the individual differences that underlie dishonest choices, namely, how different people incorporate utilitarian values with social values. I use behavioral paradigms from economics and game theory, as well as neuroimaging.


  • Effects of sensory modality on value (2016), the annual meeting of the Israeli Society for Neuroscience, Eilat, Israel

  • The Neural Representation of Money and Prices (2016), Consumer Neuroscience symposium, Berlin, Germany

  • A Behavioral and Neural exploration of Deception (2016), the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroeconomics, Berlin, Germany


Research Categories: Affective neuroscience, Cognitive neuroscience

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