Sagol faculty


Prof. Gal Sheppes

Dept. of Social Sciences, School of Psychological Sciences

Tel: 03-6408977



Research topic: Integrating basic and applied science in order to study the underlying mechanisms of emotion regulation and self-regulation among healthy and clinical populations.

Research methods: Experiential, behavioral, physiological and electrophysiological methods.

Main projects in the lab include:

  1. Understanding core regulatory stages that control emotion including: 1) Identification of the need to regulate emotions, 2) Selecting among available regulatory options, 3) Actively implementing different regulatory options and 4)Monitoring the ongoing operation of regulatory options.
  2. How impairments in core regulatory stages is related to various psychopathologies.
  3. How impairments in the ability to filter out irrelevant emotional information from working memory is related to addictive behavior.