Sagol faculty


Prof. Roy Mukamel

School of Psychological Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences

Tel: 03-6407246



esearch topic: The interaction of any biological organism with the environment involves a continual interplay between perception of sensory cues and execution of goal-directed actions. The brain circuits underlying the integration and association of these perceptual cues with the appropriate motor actions are critical for survival yet remain poorly understood. In my lab we study these aspects through imitation and observational learning in healthy subjects and patients with motor deficits.

Research methods: Behavior , functional MRI (fMRI), scalp EEG , intra-cranial EEG.

Main lines of research in the lab include:

  1. Characterizing the neural networks involved in the generation of voluntary actions
  2. Characterizing the neural networks underlying learning of motor skills
  3. Examining the efficacy of rehabilitation training procedures in patients with hemiparesis