Sagol faculty


Dr. Liad Mudrik

The School of Psychological Sciences, Faculty of Social Science

Tel: 054-4909634


Research topic: I have two main research interests: first, understanding how semantic concepts are formed and integrated. Second, looking for the functions of conscious awareness, its neural underpinnings and its role in volitional action.

Research methods: EEG, behavioral and psychophysical studies, and intracranial recording.

Projects in the lab include:

  1. Tracking conscious and unconscious processes in real time (a computational project on intracranial data).
  2. The mechanisms of semantic integration: how conceptual relations are inferred and coded (behavioral studies).
  3. Time course of semantic integration: from visual processing to semantic judgments (EEG).
  4. The role of conscious awareness in high-level cognition (psychophysical and intracranial projects).
  5. The role of conscious awareness in volitional action (EEG and intracranial projects).