Sagol faculty


Prof. Anat Mirelman

Director of the Laboratory of Early Markers of Neurodegeneration (LEMON), Department of Neurology

Tel: 03-6973960


Research topic:

  • Identification of Early Markers of Neurodegeneration.
  • Understanding the interplay between gait and Cognition.
  • Exploring motor-cognitive reserve in health and disease.

Research  methods:

  • Research in the LEMON lab is performed in a clinical setting. Projects include both cross sectional and longitudinal assessments of patients and population at risk.

Projects in the lab include:

  • Genetics in Parkinson’s disease, identifying disease phenotypes, disease trajectories and progression and early markers of disease in populations in risk.
  • Assessing motor-cognitive reserve. Understanding the relation to neurodegeneration and factors of neuroprotection.
  • Exploring motor and cognitive interaction in neurodegenerative disorders using fNIRS and EEG. Understating neural function during functional performance.
  • Identifying sleep abnormalities using a new combined EEG+EMG system for home based assessment. Collaboration with Prof. Yael Hanin from the Nanotechnology department at TAU.
  • Assessing neural activation during auditory and visual tests using EEG in Parkinson’s disease and Lewy Body Dementia (DLB)

Joint projects with other Faculty members in the Sagol School of Neuroscience:

  • Assessing common pathways in neurodegenerative disease – in collaboration with Prof. Nir Giladi
  • Motor cognitive interactions in ageing and neurodegeneration – in collaboration with Prof. Jeffrey Hausdorff.
  • Exploring neural activation using fNIRS and EEG in Parkinson’s disease and Lewy Body Dementia- in collaboration with Dr. Tamara Shiner