Sagol faculty


Prof. Michael Margaliot

Dept. of Systems, School of Electrical Engineering.

Tel: 03-6407768



Research topics: Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are computational models that are motivated by biological neural networks. Many exciting ANN models have been suggested in the literature and sophisticated learning algorithms have been developed and employed in numerous applications.  However, even when the trained ANN functions well, it may be difficult to comprehend what exactly it is doing. I am studying methods for extracting the knowledge embedded in the ANN and representing it in a comprehensible form.

Systems Biology considers biological networks and processes from the point of view of systems and control theory. Specifically, I am interested in recently suggested computational model for the flow of ribosomes along the mRNA sequence. Gene translation is a fundamental biological process and developing a better understanding of this model may have important ramifications to both human health and biotechnology.