Sagol faculty


Prof. Roy Luria

School of Psychological Sciences, Social Sciences Faculty

Tel: 07-47249037


Research topic: Investigating neural measures of visual working-memory representations. Explaining the dynamic mechanisms responsible for creating and updating visual representation in working-memory and how they affect behavior, from an individual differences approach.

Research methods: Electrophysiology (Event Related Potential- mainly the contralateral delay activity), Behavioral measures (accuracy and reaction-times).

Projects in the lab include:

  1. Understanding the online binding processes that integrate objects into a single working-memory representation in order to compensate for working-memory severe capacity limitations
  2. How visual working memory maintains complex and novel information and the unique processes that are involved when representing familiar and novel information
  3. Investigating how emotional information is represented in visual-working memory, the neural processes that are involved, and the direct links between maintaining emotional information in working-memory and behavior