Sagol faculty


Prof. Nir Giladi

Dept. of Neurology, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Tel: 03-6974790


Research topics: Aspects of Gait and Parkinson’s disease: Gait disorders and risk of falls in the elderly and in patients with extra-pyramidal disorders or Parkinson’s disease. The genetic basis of Parkinson’s disease and ways to prevent it. Epidemiology of Parkinson’s disease in Israel.

Projects in the lab:

  1. MRI imaging of balance and gait in Parkinson’s disease: a clue to parkinsonian subtypes?
  2. Virtual-reality based intervention for gait and cognitive function.
  3. Freezing of gait: motor and non-motor mechanisms.
  4. Bilateral coordination of gait
  5. What cognitive abilities contribute to gait and fall risk?
  6. Long-term monitoring of gait and mobility at home
  7. Anxiety, stress, fear and their relationship to movement disorders
  8. Cognitive interventions for improving gait
  9. Genetic contributions to gait and mobility