Sagol faculty

Prof. Naama Friedmann

Dept. of Special Education and Educational Counseling, School of Education

Tel: 03-640 5257



Research topics: Language and the brain: aphasia: agrammatic aphasia, anomia, conduction aphasia; dyslexia: various types of developmental and acquired dyslexias and dysgraphias; working memory and sentence comprehension; language in Specific Language Impairment; dyslexia and attention; language in hearing impairment; language in thiamine-deficiency.

Research methods: Language testing of individuals with brain damage or developmental disorders; Online processing assessment; fMRI; ERP

Main projects in the lab include:

  1. Exploring the functional and neuronal bases of various types of acquired and developmental dyslexia and dysgraphia
  2. fMRI of sentence processing and of lexical properties of verbs
  3. Syntactic and lexical abilities of children with SLI, children with hearing impairment, and children who experienced thiamine deficiency
  4. Characterization of the effect of right hemisphere damage and Theory of Mind impairment on language abilities
  5. The relation between working memory, sentence comprehension, and lexical processing in brain damage and developmental disorders
  6. Lexical retrieval in aphasia and developmental anomia – anomia that results from various sources in the lexical retrieval process; the identification of impairment locus; the place and stage of access to lexical-syntactic information