Sagol faculty


Prof. Dafna Ben-Bashat

Dept. of Radiology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Functional Brain Center, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Tel: 052-4262525 03-6973953



Research topic: Improving diagnosis, follow-up and therapy response assessment in patients with brain pathologies using advanced MRI methods.

Research methods: Advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): vascular imaging: dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC), dynamic contrast enhancement (DCE) and vascular reactivity measures; diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), MR spectroscopy (MRS), relaxometry, magnetization transfer (MT) and conventional MRI methods including T1, T2, T2* weighted imaging.

Projects in the lab include:

  1. Multiparametric tissue classification for diagnosis and therapy response assessment in patients with brain lesions.
  2. Development of advanced tools for image processing.
  3.   Predicting radiological outcome and cognitive decline in stroke patients.
  4. Predicting rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.
  5. Identification of MRI-based biomarkers for the identification of at-risk preterms.
  6. Characterization of normal fetal and placental development and developmental disorders during the prenatal period