Sagol faculty


Prof. Anat Achiron

Multiple Sclerosis Center, Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Faculty of Medicine




Research topics:

  • Gene expression studies in multiple sclerosis
  • Assessment of brain MRI disease burden using innovative computerized methods
  • Cognitive aspects in autoimmune diseases
  • Epidemiology of multiple sclerosis using big data analyses

Research  methods:

  • Gene expression, Elisa, PCR
  • T cell subpopulation, FACS
  • Statistical analyses of big data
  • Analysis of cortical thickness and brain volume

Projects in the lab include:

  • Classifier for biomarkers to diagnose white matter diseases
  • Assessment of molecular markers in acute multiple sclerosis relapse
  • Prediction of multiple sclerosis disease outcome using gene expression
  • Childhood multiple sclerosis

Joint projects with other Faculty members in the Sagol School of Neuroscience:

  • Prof Yaniv Assaf – MRI research in multiple sclerosis using innovative techniques to measure axon diameter