Oren Geri

Oren Geri

PhD student at Prof. Dafna Ben Bashat‘s laboratory

Research title
Cerebral vascular integrity assessment and functional mapping using magnetic resonance imaging

Research project

To develop new methods for quantitative measures of blood flow and improve evaluation of blood supply, from various vascular MR imaging methods.

To improve the accuracy of functional mapping using arterial spin labeling in comparison to blood oxygenation level dependence (BOLD) imaging , validated by intra-cranial mapping.


  • Oral presentation - International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) 2017.


  • Geri, O., Shiran, S. I., Roth, J., Artzi, M., Ben-Sira, L., & Ben Bashat, D. (2017). Vascular territorial segmentation and volumetric blood flow measurement using dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance angiography of the brain. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, 0271678X17702394.


  • My work on vascular territorial segmentation and volumetric blood flow measurement, received the magna cum laude award from the ISMRM committee (2017).

  • Sagol School Travel Scholarship (2017)


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