Omri Tomer

Omri Tomer

PhD student at Prof. Yaniv Assaf‘s laboratory

Research title
A diffusion-relaxation model of cortical microstructure connectivity.

Research project

My research field is computational models of sub resolution MRI. My focus is on imaging and analyzing brain microstructure and its connectivity, using both relaxometry and diffusion imaging methods. By combining these methods I'm attempting to create a tractography model that is based not only on axonal direction but also on other axonal properties (such as myelination). In addition, I'm working on probabilistic methods for analysis of the cortical layers in the brain using advanced MRI techniques.


  • Lifshits, S., Tomer, O., Shamir, I., Barazany, D., Tsarfaty, G., Rosset, S., & Assaf, Y. (2017). Resolution considerations in imaging of the cortical layers. NeuroImage.


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