Maayan Avneon

Maayan Avneon

PhD student at Prof. Lamy Dominique‘s laboratory

Research title
The role of conscious perception in high-level processing

Research project

Recent findings in the field of consciousness seem to push the scope of unconscious processing far beyond simple, low-level processing. These findings typically emanate from an experimental paradigm that allows investigating whether high-level processing of unconscious information is at all possible, but is mute on the question of what mental operations are modulated by conscious perception and to what extent – which is the crucial issue for understanding the function of consciousness.
My project aims to further investigate the role of consciousness in high-level processing by applying both behavioral and electrophysiological measures. This goal will be achieved by addressing some of the fundamental methodological challenges in investigating unconscious information processing.


  • Poster presented at the ISCoP conference 2017


  • Avneon M., Lifshitz L., Katz O., Gassman M., Mittelman M., and Neumann D., Non-Erythroid Effects of Erythropoietin: Are Neutrophils a Target? Leukemia Research; 2009

  • Lifshitz L., Prutchi-Sagiv S., Avneon M., Gassmann M., Mittelman M. and Neumann D. Non-erythroid activities of erythropoietin: Functional effects on murine dendritic cells. Mol Immunol; 2008


  • BSc in biology, Tel Aviv University: Summa cum laude

  • Honor MBA, Ben-Gurion University: Summa cum laude


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