Lidia Miyara Lidor

Lidia Miyara Lidor

MSc student at Prof. Uri Ashery‘s laboratory

Research title
The homeostatic role of the hippocampal mossy-fiber synapse

Research project

The hippocampal mossy-fiber (MF) synapse was shown to be involved in homeostatic regulation of network activity. However, the role of some synaptic alterations that occur in response to network hyperactivity and their contribution to network stabilization is still unclear.
In my project, I aim to describe the hyperactivity-induced morphological and functional changes (such as epileptic-like changes) and how they affect network stability and behavior. In order to bridge the gap between the clinical symptoms of these phenomena and their underlying mechanisms I will use both in-vitro and in-vivo models of hyperactivity. I plan to do so by harnessing a genetic system developed in our lab to express genetic-constructs in a cell-specific manner using viral-vectors and transgenic mice.


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