Ifat Israel

Ifat Israel

PhD direct at Dr. Noam Shomron & Dr. David Gurwitz‘s laboratory

Research title
Major Depression Disorder: Biomarkers, Treatment Resistance and Therapeutics

Research project

Major depression disorder (MDD) is a common mental disorder, and is among the leading causes of disability around the world. SSRIs antidepressants are the current first-line treatment for MDD. However, treatment resistance occurs in 30-40% of MDD patients. In cases of treatment resistance depression (TRD), where in addition to non-response to an SSRI drug there is no remission following at least 8 weeks of treatment with an antidepressant from another class (such as SNRIs, TCAs), alternative treatments are being used. In my research, I aim to identify changes in gene and miRNA expression in TRD patients that underwent ECT or Ketamine treatment. My overall goal is to assist in fitting the right treatment to the right patient and to lead to precision medicine for MDD.


Research Categories: Developmental biology, Molecular genetics, Neurodegenerative diseases

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