Gadi Drori

Gadi Drori

MSc student at Prof. Talma Hendler‘s laboratory

Research title
Down regulation of Amygdala using EEG-NF for PTSD patients

Research project

Research has indicated an overactive salience network and in particular an overactive Amygdala as part of the cause for the imbalance between brain networks and the reorganization in the brain we see in PTSD. This includes an underactive CEN, irregular function of the DMN and difficulty switching between the two using the SN. We train PTSD patients to down regulate the Amygdala using only EEG neurofeedback. In order to assess the effects of the novel treatment we are conducting an experiment to compare it with the existing neurofeedback treatment available. As part of this research we will be assessing the possible changes downregulating the Amygdala could cause to the imbalance in activation of brain networks and the relation to any changes in PTSD symptoms.


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