Dana Shamai

Dana Shamai

PhD direct at Prof. Yair Bar-Haim‘s laboratory

Research title
Attention Biases in Major Depressive Disorder

Research project

Gaze Contingent Music Reward Therapy for Major Depressive Disorder - While attentional biases are considered a vulnerability factor for the onset and maintenance of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), only a few paradigms were developed to address those attentional biases, yielding mixed results and demonstrating insufficient psychometric properties. For this purpose gaze-contingent music reward therapy (GC-MRT) was developed. This is a reward based attentional training paradigm, originally designed to modify gaze patterns among patients with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) using complex visual stimuli, and found efficient in this population. In the current randomized controlled trial (RCT), I examine the efficacy of GC-MRT for MDD. In the case of MDD, treatment is designed to reduce attentional biases by reducing subjects' dwell time (reflecting attention bias) on dysphoric stimuli.


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