Bat El Buaron

Bat El Buaron

PhD student at Prof. Roy Mukamel‘s laboratory

Research title
Lateralized modulation of self-generated visual stimuli

Research project

Sensory stimuli triggered by voluntary action are perceived differently and evoke differential neural activity in sensory regions compared to identical stimuli triggered by an external source. Such modulations are suggested to occur through corollary discharges sent from the motor system to sensory regions prior to stimulus arrival. Given the strong laterality of the motor system, it is plausible that the magnitude of such sensory modulation will also exhibit a laterality effect, depending on the identity (right/left) of the stimulus-triggering hand. Indeed, in the auditory domain, we have recently provided evidence in support of such a mechanism. The aim of my study is to further probe this model in the visual domain, using fMRI, EEG and behavioral measures.


Research Categories: Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive neuroscience

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