Alisa Lubart

Alisa Lubart, M.Sc.

PhD student at Dr. Pablo Blinder‘s laboratory

Research project

Micro strokes are present in the aged and injured human brain. Their clinical relevance is controversial, with postulated complications ranging from cognitive impairment to vascular dementia. Micro-strokes affect all components of the neurovascular unit (NVU), including endothelial, glial and neuronal cells.
By inducing a focal photo-thrombotic occlusion of a single penetrating artery in mouse cortex, I aim to understand the brain’s response to micro-strokes, the resultant changes in the blood brain barrier (BBB) and post-stroke cortical reorganization through time, by using two-photon microscopy and DTI.


  • Brain, Berlin, Germany, 2017
    Oral presentation: Single penetrating artery occlusion leads to widespread white matter reorganization across the entire brain in a CX3CR1 dependent manner.

  • Israel society for neuroscience, Eilat, Israel, 2015


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