We need a research assistant with strong programming ability

Position details

We need a research assistant with strong programming ability

The Laboratory of Dror Dotan  

Is looking for Research associate, Technician

Position title

Research-oriented programmer: you will work with several lab members on their projects, and help creating software/technological infrastructures for our research.

Job description

Our lab investigates how the brain processes numbers and why some people are not good at it. Our goal is to create accurate cognitive models of number processing, and to use these models to help people with and without difficulties in math. We have several ongoing projects that require technological/programming support. For example, we need to (1) Develop an infrastructure for analyzing the pen movements when people write numbers; (2) Create an infrastructure for statistical analysis of complex patterns of priming effects; (3) Enhance a software platform that we developed, which allows running a variety of experiments; and more.
If you are motivated and intelligent, if you have good programming abilities (Python: advantage), if you can be an integral part of cutting-edge research projects, and if you want to combine all the above in one job – then you may be the person we need!