Neuroimmunology in the post-genomic era

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Neuroimmunology in the post-genomic era

The Laboratory of Lior Mayo  

Is looking for MSc, PhD, PostDoc, Project student

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Neuroinflammation, inflammatory conditions within the central nervous system (CNS), facilitates the progression of many neurological disorders, in which available treatments often show limited to no efficacy. In our lab, we strive to understand the mechanisms of autoimmunity and inflammation that underlie neurologic diseases and translate these laboratory discoveries into new therapies.

Our lab focuses on neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis, glioblastoma (brain cancer) and stroke (ischemic brain injury). We ask different questions: WHAT roles do the CNS-resident glial cells play in these inflammatory conditions? HOW does cellular metabolism regulate the cells immune potential during neuroinflammation? DO lipids take part in shaping the immune response in the CNS? HOW do peripheral immune cells, glial cells, and neurons communicate? CAN we use our understanding of neuroinflammatory pathways to alter disease progression? To address these questions, we use in-vivo models and state of the art imaging, sorting and analysis techniques.

Job description

If you are interested in taking a step into the little-understood area of neuroinflammation and study the crosstalk between the peripheral immune system, the glial cells, neurodegeneration, metabolism, autoimmunity and brain tumors- come work with us and try to shed some light on some of the most ill-understood neurologic pathologies.

** Summer project students in the GBM project may be eligible for a special stipend **