Lab manager position

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Lab manager position

The Laboratory of Segev Barak  

Is looking for Lab manager, Technician

Position title

A young dynamic neuroscience lab (Tel Aviv University) seeks a talented lab manager.

The Segev Barak Lab studies the neurobiology of drug and alcohol addiction. The lab combines molecular biology approaches with advanced behavioral and imaging studies to investigate the molecular and neural mechanisms of alcohol and drug addiction, learning and memory processes. See-

Job description

General description of the position:
● Responsibility on molecular and biochemical experimentation.
● Guidance and training of student with molecular and biochemical techniques.
● Participation with in vivo experiments in rodents, and conducting independent research
● Routine management of the lab, including administration of lab logistics and resources.
● Help in management of rat and mice colonies
Job requirements:
● PhD in molecular biology or related fields. Very strong candidates with MSc and considerable experience in these fields are also encouraged to apply.
● Experience with problem-solving, out-of-the-box thinking
● Excellent interpersonal skills
● Experience in molecular, biochemical and other lab methodologies (real-time PCR ,western blot, immunohistochemistry, microscopy)
● Experience in in vivo work with rodents and in neuroscience work – an advantage

Please send CVs to Segev Barak ( with the email subject “Lab manager position”.