BRAINBOOST 2018 – Application



Post-doctorate Fellowship

Deadline for submission

1st Aug. 2018.


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BrainBoost Innovation Center
Sagol School of Neuroscience

BrainBoost is a new Sagol School initiative aimed at creating and advancing applied research and technology projects conceived within the Sagol School – with the ultimate goal of curing, treating, and preventing brain disorders. The BrainBoost innovation center will support 10–15 projects over the next 5 years, in three main fields: Pharma, Devices and Software/Hardware Solutions.
For the second round of applications, the center is offering up to 5 fellowships for exceptionally talented postdoctoral researchers, deadline for submission is 1st Aug. 2018.


PhD thesis submitted before start of employment and up to 5 years from approval.

Excellent track record (e.g. high impact publications, patents, awards etc.)

Highly motivated, leadership skills, creative, innovation-oriented.

Expertise in Neuroscience/Medicine/Biology/Computer Science/Biomedical Engineering or other related fields.

Fellowship: 37,000 $ (Annual).

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BrainBoost Innovation Center
Join us for this unique and exciting endeavor!

Are you interested in applied research? Do you have entrepreneurial spirit and leadership? Are you an expert in the field of Neuroscience? Do you have a game-changing research idea in the field of Brain disorders? Or would like to join one of the leading groups in the Sagol School of Neuroscience and lead a scientific idea to application? Join us for this unique and exciting endeavor!

Postdoctoral candidates should partner with a Sagol School PI (for full list see: or contact for partnering.

The postdoctoral fellows will attend a series of specifically formulated training and personal mentoring to ensure that they have the entrepreneurial as well as scientific skills to join and lead the neuroscience industry. BrainBoost Postdoctoral fellows will be expected to participate in BrainBoost activities (events, seminars, courses) in addition to their research.
A dedicated scientific committee composed of experts from both academia and industry will decide which projects and candidates are supported annually.

Visit for more details and full Application forms. for partnering.