The Nathan Dascal’s lab is seeking for enthusiastic, motivated graduate students and postdocs.

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The Nathan Dascal’s lab is seeking for enthusiastic, motivated Ph.D. students and postdocs. We investigate how hormones, neurotransmitters and drugs regulate the function of cardiac cells and neurons in health and disease, by acting on ion channels and neurotransmitter receptors.
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● Molecular and neuronal mechanisms of bipolar disorder (BPD) and related drug actions.
● Mechanisms of regulation and function of Ca2+ channels.
● Mechanisms of disease caused by dysfunction of GIRK K+ channels.
All projects involve a multidisciplinary approach that combines electrophysiology, biophysics, advanced biochemistry, fluorescent microscopy, cytochemistry, and mathematical and structural modeling. Studies are done in cultured immortalized cells, cardiomyocytes, brain slices and heterologous models.
Send C.V. to Prof. Nathan Dascal at, or call 03-640-5743

Field of research: brain disorders, cellular / molecular neuroscience

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