New B.A. Progrm at Sagol School: Data & Brain Science

Businessman shows a brain in shield glass as concept

Physics and Brain Science

Linguistics and brain

Brain Science

Congratulations to recipients of Ph.D.

1 בApril 2019

Dr. Anastasia Schuster Mentor: Dr. Dinu Levi Topic: The Neural Representation of Value(s): From Risk … Read more

Dr. Liad Mudrik

10 בMarch 2019

Dr. Liad Mudrik Tel Aviv University and Dr. Roy Admon of the Department of Psychology … Read more

A new method was developed to identify genetic diseases in the embryo – Prof. Noam Shomron and doctoral student Tom Rabinowitz

10 בMarch 2019

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a method to detect thousands of genetic diseases … Read more

Congratulations to Prof. Oded Rechavi

5 בFebruary 2019

for winning the Kedar Prize for Encouraging Excellence

Dr. Dinorah Friedmann Friedman – Glioblastoma researcher

23 בDecember 2018

The laboratory that studies the violent cancer of the brain ynet – 17.12.18 To view the … Read more

Prof. Inna Slutsky: In order to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, we must forget everything we thought.

19 בDecember 2018

Ha’aretz article about the study of Alzheimer by Prof. Inna Slutsky from the Sagol School … Read more