Lecture 7: Looking Into the Future Using Emerging Trends: What Are They and How Do We Identify Them?

Innovators and entrepreneurs should constantly think about the future. the specific time horizon of interest may vary between one year to ten, depending on the specific initiative and its nature. although it is really impossible to predict the future with certainty, innovators and entrepreneurs need to have an opinion about it. what tools exist and how does one form a useful view about the future? in this lecture we will talk about prediction tools and techniques, focusing mainly on emerging trends.

Lecture 4: The Venture Ecosystem

The purpose of this talk is:
1. To give a general overview of new ventures.
2. To review the ecosystem that builds such ventures.
3. to review the changes in the forces that affect this ecosystem.
4. To discuss the specific characteristics of Deep Innovations enabled by Brain Science.

The lecture is given by Prof. Yesha Sivan, The Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University