We are looking for enthusiastic PhD and MSc students!

We are looking for enthusiastic PhD and MSc students!

Position for: MSc, PhD, PostDoc, Rotation/Project

Laboratory of Yoni Haitin

Published by: Yoni Haitin

E-mail address: yhaitin@post.tau.ac.il

Our lab is interested in the effects ion channels have of the activity of immune, cancer and neuronal cells.

Ion channels are membrane-embedded molecular machines that enable cells to communicate with the extracellular world. In the immune system, microglial cells, the macrophages of the brain, express a variety of ion channels, which ignite and mediate cellular responses. However, microglial activation can be a double-edged sword, exacerbating acute brain pathologies including stroke, and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
Moreover, due to their newly discovered roles in cell-cycle regulation, ion channels gain increasing attention as prominent targets for cancer therapy.

Our research focuses on how anion selective channels, one of the least understood families of ion channels, contribute to brain function and immune response, and regulatory mechanisms of cancer-associated channel mutants. Using a combined multifaceted approach, which includes structural, electrophysiological and fluorescent techniques, we decipher the molecular mechanisms governing the activity and regulation of anion channels, and explore how they contribute to normal and pathophysiological microglial function.

For more information please contact Yoni Haitin: yhaitin@post.tau.ac.il

Field of research: brain disorders, cellular / molecular neuroscience, neurodevelopment and neurogenetics

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