Neuroscience biophysics at the nanoscale – Open positions

Neuroscience biophysics at the nanoscale – Open positions

Position for: MSc, PhD, PostDoc

Laboratory of Roy Beck

Published by: Roy Beck

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Combining neuroscience with physics, chemistry and biochemistry, Beck’s laboratory is focused on the biophysical understanding of the forces and interactions governing the self-assembly of biomolecules to functional nanoscopic structures. In particular, we study the organization principles of cytoskeleton proteins within the neuronal system, intrinsically disordered proteins, membranes and nano-complexes of lipids and proteins such the myelin sheaths.

Motived and talented students and postdocs aiming to combine various multidisciplinary techniques including: isolation and expression of proteins, advance microscopy, small angle X-ray scattering, and to study in-depth the biophysics governing the nanoscopic structures within the neuronal systems are welcome to apply.

Field of research: cellular / molecular neuroscience, neurodevelopment and neurogenetics

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