Motor cognition lab

Motor cognition lab

Position for: MSc, PhD, PostDoc

Laboratory of Roy Mukamel

Published by: Roy Mukamel

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The motor cognition lab is seeking highly motivated students and post-docs interested in the neural representation of motor actions in humans.
Using NeuroImaging (fMRI, EEG, ECoG), behavioral measures, and advanced analysis tools, we study the neural mechanisms underlying the representation of action goals ('I want to drink a cup of water'), their motor implementation ('reach the cup with my left hand since my right hand is occupied'), and expected sensory consequences ('is it water or Vodka?'). We also study the process of learning new skills (e.g. typing on a keyboard) and the influence of sensory feedback (visual, tactile, auditory) on the learning process.
Our studies bear relevance to healthy adults, expert populations (e.g. musicians and athletes), and also the rehabilitation process of patients with motor deficiencies.
Students with diverse background are welcome to apply, Previous programming/computational experience are an advantage.

Field of research: behavioral Neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, system neuroscience

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