Shein-Idelson Mark

Research topic:
• Organization of population dynamics and coding across brain states.
• Evolution of neuronal computation.

Research methods:
• In-vivo and in-vitro large-scale, high-density extracellular electrophysiology.
• Signal processing and data analysis
• Computational modelling
• Intra-cellular electrophysiology

Projects in the lab include:
• Visual processing in the ancestral three layered cortex of turtles.
• Mechanistic sources of neuronal variability and their impact on coding.
• Organization of neuronal activity during interaction between oscillating sub-populations.
• Continuous monitoring and processing of 3D posture information in reptiles.
• Evolution of cortical computation – investigation of the amphibian dorsal pallium.

Barak Boaz

Research topic:

  • Neurobiology of genetic neurodevelopmental disorders such as Williams syndrome and autism spectrum disorders.
  • Dissecting neural circuits and brain regions’ roles in anxiety-like and social behavior.
  • Therapeutic approaches to improve behavioral abnormalities in mouse models for psychiatric disorders.

Research  methods:

  • Molecular and cellular biology
  • In vivo optogenetics and pharmacogenetics
  • Behavioral tests
  • Stereotaxic surgical techniques for gene delivery
  • Nucleic acid methods
  • Transgenic and conditional knockout mouse models
  • Histology and microscopy
  • In vitro cell-based assays

Projects in the lab include:

  • In vivo optogenetic manipulation of social behavior abnormalities in mouse models for psychiatric disorders
  • Gene-rescue treatments to restore behavior and physiology in mouse models for psychiatric disorders
  • Defining the postnatal developmental and functional roles of genes in mouse models for psychiatric disorders
  • Pharmacological and pharmacogenetical studies to treat psychiatric disorders
  • Neuron-glia interactions and their role in the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders
  • Production and characterization of novel mouse models for genetic neuropsychiatric disorders