Sagol faculty


Prof. Marius Usher

School of Psychological Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences

Tel: 03-640 8727



Research topic: Investigations of the mechanism of decision-making in perceptual and motivation based decisions; mode of processing (analytic vs affective/intuitive); insight problem-solving; attention and memory.

Research methods: i) computational modeling of the neural mechanism and behavioral/psychophysical studies using accuracy, reaction-time and confidence measures, to test it. ii) cognitive manipulations to test specific hypothesis about the task processing and performance.

Projects in the lab include:

  1. Examination of the mechanism of perceptual decisions.
  2. Examination of mechanism of value-based decisions.
  3. Effects of mind-set (affect or intuition/analytic) manipulations on decision quality and insight problem-solving.
  4. Mechanisms of decision-confidence.
  5. The mechanism of visual-search.