Sagol faculty


Prof. Inna Slutsky

Dept. of Physiology & Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine

Tel: 03-6406021



Research methods:

  1. 2-photon microscopy combined with FLIM
  2. High-resolution functional imaging of single synapses and synaptic networks
  3. Electrophysiology: intracellular in brain slices and cultures, extracellular in vivo
  4. Real-time imaging of inter-molecular interactions and signal transduction in live neurons using Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
  5. Molecular biology and biochemistry

Projects in the lab:

  1. How do individual neurons and neural networks achieve an ongoing balance between stability and plasticity under a constantly changing environment? Collaboration with Dr. Gal Chechik (BIU), Prof. Eli Nelken (HUJI).
  2. What are the mechanisms that initiate synaptic failure in Alzheimer’s disease? Why do specific neuronal connections become vulnerable to degeneration in Alzheimer’s disease? Collaboration with Prof. Dominic Walsh (Harvard), Prof. Ehud Isacoff (Berkeley), Prof. Joel Hirsch (TAU).
  3. How does sensory experience influence encoding and storage of information in the hippocampus and hippocampus-dependent memory function? Collaboration with Dr. Segev Barak (TAU, Psychology), Prof. Yaniv Assaf (TAU, Life Sciences).