Sagol faculty


Prof. Orna Peleg

The Program of Cognitive Studies of Language, Faculty of Humanities

Tel: 03-6405012



Research topics: Psycholinguistics, language comprehension, Hemispheric differences in language processing, visual word recognition, bilingualism, embodied cognition.

Research methods: Reading and Response Time measures, Divided Visual Field experiments, Eye-tracking.

Projects in the lab include:

  1. Hemispheric asymmetries in language comprehension: Exploring how orthographic, phonological, and semantic representations interact, both within and between the two hemispheres.
  2. Lexical factors in conceptual (non-linguistic) processing: Exploring the relationship between concepts and their corresponding linguistic labels.
  3. Bilingual visual word recognition: Exploring the interaction of the orthographic and phonological aspects of the different languages of bilinguals, as they read in one language or the other one.
  4. Embodied cognition: Exploring the relationship between linguistic and sensorimotor systems.