Sagol faculty


Prof. Miri Neufeld

Epilepsy & EEG Unit, Neurology Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Tel: 03-6973418



Clinical Care:

  1. The Epilepsy Out-Patient Clinic is a tertiary referral center mainly for pa-tients with intractable epilepsy.
  2. The EEG Laboratory performs in-lab examinations in children and adults during both the awake and sleep states in addition to extended-time ambulatory EEG recording tests.
  3. The Video-EEG Monitoring Unit, records both brain waves and video of the clinical events. This test allows to accurately characterize, diagnose and treat all types of events, not the least of which include patients with epilepsy who seem to be resistant to medications and could be suitable candidates for surgical solutions.


  1. The Clinic’s staff is involved in multi-center clinical research studies investigating new anti-epileptic drugs.
  2. The Unit personnel is part of the largest local Epilepsy Surgery Pro-gram involving a multidisciplinary team including Adult and Pediatric Epileptologists, Epilepsy Surgeon, Psychologist and Nurse coordinator, combining state of the art technologies including SPECT, PET, fMRI-EEG, MEG, invasive intracranial EEG recordings (strips and grids) and WADA test.

Clinical and Basic Research include:

  1. Clinical Epileptology
  2. Epilepsy in women, Part of the Multi-Center EUREPA Epilepsy Preg-nancy Registry Study Group which examines the teratogenetic effects of AEDs.
  3. Surface and invasive EEG recording analysis in physiological and pathological states in patients with epilepsy .