Sagol faculty


Prof. Jeffrey Hausdorff

Laboratory for Gait & Neurodynamics; Movement Disorders Unit, Dept. of Neurology, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Tel: 03-6974909



Research topics: Gait, postural control, falls and movement disorders in health (e.g., normal, aging, maturation) and pathology (e.g., Parkinson’s disease, post-stroke, Alzheimer’s disease). Areas of focus include studies of the stride-to-stride fluctuations of gait and the factors that contribute to and regulate these changes and cognitive function-gait interactions. We investigate balance and gait on three closely inter-related planes: a) study of underlying physiology and patho-physiology; b) development of new “bio-markers” that can be used for early diagnosis, prognosis, and for quantitative tracking of disease progression, aging, and the response to therapeutic interventions (e.g., at-home monitoring) and c) development and assessment of novel interventions for enhancing balance and gait (e.g., using virtual reality, pharmacologic therapy, motor learning).

Projects in the lab:

  1. fMRI, EEG, and fNIRS imaging of balance and gait in Parkinson’s disease and aging
  2. Virtual-reality based intervention for gait and cognitive function.
  3. Freezing of gait: motor and non-motor mechanisms.
  4. Bilateral coordination of gait
  5. What cognitive abilities contribute to gait and fall risk?
  6. Long-term monitoring of gait and mobility at home
  7. Anxiety, stress, fear and their relationship to movement disorders
  8. Cognitive interventions for improving gait
  9. Genetic contributions to gait and mobility
  10. Non-invasive brain stimulation for gait and cognition