Sagol faculty


Prof. Hayit Greenspan

Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Faculty

Tel: 03-6407398



Research topic: Brain Image Analysis: from structural to DTI.
Enhancement; Segmentation; Lesion and Tumor detection and quantification; Tracking changes in time; Population studies.

Research methods: Image processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Statistical modeling, Machine learning

Projects in the lab include:

  1. Super-resolution: Developing super-resolution algorithms for increased resolution in MRI brain imagery; Clinical applications
  2. MRI structural brain analysis and Multiple-Sclerosis: Segmentation of healthy brain tissues (fusion across MR modalities); Detection, quantification and tracking of brain lesions in multiple-sclerosis
  3. Automatic analysis of DTI White-Matter Fiber Tracts in the Brain: Automatic classification of DTI fibers into meaningful anatomical tracts; Combining registration with segmentation; Tract specific analysis of MRI and DTI derived parameters in MS and ALS patients.

Projects in Collaboration with MR units at Sheba medical center and Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.