Sagol faculty


Prof. Yoav Gothilf

Dept. of Neurobiology, Faculty of life sciences

Tel: 03-6406329



Research topics: The circadian clock system: underlying molecular mechanisms, functional development and light entrainment. Hypothalamic control of appetite and food consumption. Hypothalamic control of sexual maturation and reproduction.

Research methods: Molecular genetics in whole animal, the zebrafsh; Transgenesis and gene manipulation; Genome wide and bioinformatics analyses (in collaboration with experts); Behavior.

Main projects in the lab include:

  1. The role of newly identified neuronal circuits.
  2. Mechanisms of appetite control.
  3. Mechanisms underlying light-entrainment of the circadian clock and circadian rhythms of gene expression.
  4. Functions of novel genes in the zebrafish pineal organ
  5. Development and plasticity of the kisspeptin and GnRH neuronal systems during development and sexual maturation