Sagol faculty


Dr. Goren Gordon

Curiosity Lab, Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Engineering Faculty

Tel: 052-5374429



Research topic: Understanding curiosity-driven behavior and the underlying cognitive, computational and neuronal mechanisms in infants, children and adults, during normal and abnormal development.

Research methods: computational models; behavioral measures; behavioral monitoring, e.g. facial expressions and body pose; social robotics; humanoid robotic platforms.

Projects in the lab include:

  1. Quantitative model-based assessment of curiosity in adults: assessing subjects’ behavior during a curiosity game, using facial expression and body pose monitoring.
  2. Development of full-scale brain-inspired computational models of perception, learning and behavior: intrinsic motivation and unsupervised learning-based models of emergent skills and perceptual capacities.
  3. Implementation of brain-inspired computational models in social robots: comparison of emergent exploration behaviors in robots to normal and abnormal behavior in infants and children.