Sagol faculty


Dr. Lidia Gabis

The Weinberg Child Development Center Edmond and Lilly Safra ChildrenÕs Hospital Sheba, Tel Hashomer

Tel: 03-5302236, 052-6667360



Research topic: Promoting, research and treatment for children with developmental disabilities and neurological disorders

Research methods: clinical trials, retrospective study

Current projects in the lab include:

  1. Assess the safety and efficacy of Choline and AChEI combined treatment. Administration using a double blind placebo controlled trial of children diagnosed with ASD. in children aged 10-18 years with an ASD diagnosis, and measuring linguistic performance, comorbid behaviors, adaptive functioning and executive functions before and after the treatment.
  2. Assess the efficacy and safety in adolescents of three doses of AFQ056 in treating behavioral symptoms characteristic of patients with Fragile X syndrome (FXS). Data from this study will be used to support the registration of AFQ056 in this population and to guide future development of the drug in younger patients with FXS.