Sagol faculty


Dr. Dinorah Friedmann

Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Life Sciences

Tel: 03-6414246



Research topic: Understanding the mechanisms of cancer cell reprogramming and the contributions of the tumor microenvironment.

Research methods: We use an integrative approach to study brain tumor (glioma)-specific neurobiology and oncobiology. Our lab combines cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, cancer research, as well as advanced genome-wide techniques and microscopy. To recapitulate human brain tumors in a mouse model, we use inducible-lentiviral vectors to introduce oncogenes/tumor suppressor genes in a cell-type and tissue specific manner.

Projects in the lab include:

  1. Examining the parallel changes in oncogenesis and the induction of pluripotency.
  2. Elucidating the mechanisms involved in cancer cell plasticity.
  3. Identifying the molecular events involved in gliomagenesis.
  4. Designing novel therapeutic approaches to glioblastoma, combining adoptive immune gene therapy and nanotechnology.